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2021 Warmth to Homeless

During the pandemic, IAY has conducted Warmth to Homeless by having IAY volunteers donate sleeping bags and care packages individually and safely. Below are some of the distributions.

We have the greatest gratitude to all our donors. We extend a special thanks to our donors from Korea Times.

Korea Times Articles and Donors

Anika Edara Sept 28th, 2021 at Family Supportive Housing, Inc

Haaris Wasti distributed sleeping bags in San Francisco.

Rakesh Mehta donated to City Team in San Jose.

Priyanka Ganguly donated to the City of Fremont Human Services Department on 8/10/21.

Aditya Shrinivasan donated to the homeless of Silicon Valley on 9/25/21.

Manav Thakkar donated to Salvation Army in San Jose.

Aarsh Shroff donated to Samaritan House, San Mateo, CA.

Jiya Patil distributed sleeping bags and care packages to the homeless on 09/24/21 in Oakland.

Ananyashree Seetharaman donated to Love a Child Missions, Bay Point, CA

Father Joe's Village, San Diego, CA

Emmanuel House, San Jose, CA

Emmanuel House, San Jose, CA

Emmanuel House, San Jose, CA

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