2018 Warmth to Homeless

its annual Warmth to Homeless drive, IAY donated 600 sleeping bags, beanies, gloves, nail clippers, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other vital essentials to homeless people. Especially in the winter, homeless people suffer from cold and are often unable to find adequate shelter during the frigid winter nights. Through this drive, IAY aims to bring comfort to the homeless in the Christmas and New Year's season.


Distribution Events




Salvation Army, Emmanuel House, San Jose, CA


Columbus Park & St. James Park, San Jose, CA


Father Joe's, San Diego, CA


Murrieta, CA


Urban Muslim Minority Alliance (UMMA), Long Grove, IL


Salvation Army, Emmanuel House, San Jose, CA


St. James Park, San Jose, CA


Castro Valley, CA


​Downtown, San Diego, CA


St. James Park, San Jose, CA​


This year's incredible success was in part due to the hard work of the IAY members. We would like to express our sincere thanks to our generous donors:


Berkeley Zion Presbyterian Church


Hanil Kim DDS.

Jae Ho & Ok H. Kang

John’s Jewelers

Jonathan H. Kim DDS, Inc.

Koreana Plaza Market Oakland, Inc.

Kyung Soon & Sung B. Kim

MDI Engineering, Inc.

PSW Acupuncture Inc

San Francisco True Light Korean Methodist Church

Silicon Valley Senior Citizen’s Christian Missions

Turbo Tires, Inc

Verint Americas Inc.

Won K. Kim


Korea Times 02/02/2019

Sister, Brother Leading Event to Help the Homeless

Trisha Patel, founder and president of International Association of Youth's Illinois Chapter


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