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2016 North Korean Human Rights Symposium

Date: Saturday, June 4, 2016

Location: Quinlan Community Center - 10185 N Stelling Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014

In 1989, the prospect of freedom propelled protests and the eventual destruction of the Berlin Wall. The watershed event freed East Berliners from the oppressive rule of the USSR’s communist regime and began their future as part of a powerful democratic nation. In 2016, history seems to be repeating itself. Similar to Germany in 1989, Korea is divided into two nations: the North and the South. The South is free and flourishing under democracy while the totalitarian North is home to famine, oppression and human rights violations. To make matters worse, North Koreans are unable find hope amidst oppression, because there is nothing pushing them to fight for their liberties. However, we can learn from history to change their outlook. The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is collecting USB drives for its “Flash Drives for Freedom” initiative. Its goal is to disseminate USB drives with Western movies and information into North Korea to allow its people to see what freedom looks like, motivating them to fight for it at home. There will also be presentations on North Korean human rights by Alex Gladstein, Chief Strategy Officer of HRF, and Jieun Baek, a Harvard graduate, and expert on using the information to change North Korea. To sponsor HRF’s event, the International Association of Youth (IAY) will be holding a movie screening on North Korea. Admission is free. All you have to do is bring empty USB flash drives and your willingness to learn about and act upon an issue that could end up changing history. Just as in East Berlin, a vision of liberty can help the North Koreans escape tyranny. Please support our event, donate a USB drive and help write North Korea’s future.


Presentations by:

- Alex Gladstein, HRF Chief Strategy Officer

- Jieun Baek, North Korea Specialist

North Korea Documentary

Flash Drives for Freedom

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